Showrooming  is a BIG complaint of retailers.   Conventional wisdom says that showrooming is about price and product availability.   But in an environment where many retailers price match and most can get you an out-of-stock or unavailable item at about the same speed as Amazon.

So why is every exec in major retailers still worried sick about online shopping ?

The Good News: People are still shopping in stores – – in droves.

According to a recent study by A.T. Kearney, 61% of people do most of their shopping in the store.

AT Kearney

The Bad News: Many  of them leave empty handed.

A great majority of shoppers after leave the store empty handed according to a brand new survey by Timetrade:

Timetrade Chart

To End Showrooming : Personalized service and help.

It’s that simple. If shoppers meet a sales associate that knows something about what they are looking to buy, and gives them assistances with making a final selection, it’s very very likely they will buy:

90% of shoppers leave without purchasing if they can’t find the right salesperson


92% of  shoppers are likely to buy when helped by a knowledgeable associate.

More details on this download the recent survey “Why Shoppers Are Leaving Stores Empty Handed”.