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The three words most consumers use to describe their very best shopping experiences are fast, convenient and personalized. But those experiences are few and far between.

Think about your last shopping experience; what was it like? Slow service? Inexperienced retail associates? Long lines? Those are, by far, the three most common complaints.

Here are 3 things customers say will create a positive experience that meet their expectations:

1. It’s Not Only About Retail Price

That’s right, the biggest misperception is that most customer satisfaction comes from the right price.   Here’s what consumer say when polled:


Consumers say that the level of personal, undivided attention they get is most important by a wide margin !   And things get even better when they talk to someone who knows what they are talking about.

2. Help Them !   In-Store and Also Online Retail

Another urban myth is that people like online shopping because they can “do it themselves” with no help.   Faster, better right ?  Surveyed consumers say WRONG:

assisted by employees

3. Give Them What They Want – But Do It in 5 Minutes or Less

Shoppers have a huge “wait and flee” attitude.   It’s easy to spot if you spend any tiWait and Fleeme in a big box or specialty store.

A retailer’s best defense — against showrooming, price matching, or sheer impatience — is to quickly connect consumers with the very best resource to help them find — and buy — exactly what they need.