Here’s a great selection of 17 of my favorite retail articles that I think represent the latest trends in retailing and illustrate how some leading retailers are taking advantage of them to reinvigorate their businesses and brand:


1.IBM Institute for Business Value survey of 26,000 consumers, January 2013, January 15 2013,

2. 2013 GfK Futurebuy Study, October 2, 2013,

3. “Why Shoppers Are Leaving Stores Empty Handed”. TimeTrade, March 2014

4. “Best Buy CEO Outlines Turnaround Plans,” AP, November 13, 2012,

5. “Following Apple, Microsoft to Open Mini-Stores in Best Buy,” Apple Insider, June 13, 2013,

6. “Best Buy Begins Opening Dedicated In-Store Samsung Experience Shops,” Apple Insider, April 25, 2013,

7. “Best Buy Giving Samsung The Apple Treatment with In-Store Mini-Stores,” iMore, March 29, 2013,

8. “Samsung Experience Shops at Best Buy: Retailer as host or hostage?” Interbrand Blog, April 8, 2013,

“Best Buy Tries To Co-Opt ‘Showrooming’ This Holiday Season,” AdAge, October 29 2013,

10 “Showdown Over ‘Showrooming’,” The Wall Street Journal, January 23, 2012,

12 “Oh, Baby! Target Revamps the Baby Department,” A Bulls Eye View, September 18, 2013,

13 “Target Launches Enhanced Baby Experience Program in Select Chicago Stores,” Press Release, September 18, 2013,

14 “The Dawn of Mobile Influence,” Deloitte Digital 2013

15 “A New Spin on Saving: Target Introduces Cartwheel,” A Bulls Eye View, May 8, 2013,

16  “Walmart Launches New Mobile Apps to Give Customers Better Shopping Experiences Online and In-Store,” November 9, 2011,

17 “Walmart boosts Scan & Go self-checkout with mobile coupons,” Mobile Commerce Daily, August 2, 2013,

18  “Retail Intimacy, Part 4: Winning at Walmart,” Path to Purchase Institute, September 23 2013,


It’s pretty easy to see from reading these articles that things will change rapidly in retail over the next few years.

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