When Eric Janzen sent me a  note announcing his new book, “The Postcatastrophe Economy”, I was intrigued.   I know Eric not only as a VC and startup company CEO, but also as one of the leading economic and market forecasters through his site iTulip. Eric had accurately predicted the market crash of 2008 and as a result has received widespread attention and acclaim.  .

9781400116546 To me the most important thing as a venture-backed  company executive was that Eric is someone to pay close  attention to.  His new book is a must-read for any  business manager navigating the tricky  confluence of risk management and business  forecasting.

I picked out a few key points from the book that I think are  particularly important to us as we go into business  planning for 2011. Here they are:

  • The FIRE – Finance, Insurance, Real Estate –industries continue to dominate and shape the economy with potentially dire consequences.
  • Oil will again become a key issue.
  • Short term stock market performance continues to mask the negative effects of the massive government debt overhang.
  • One (good) way out is for the economy to build around the TECI Transportation, Energy, Communication and Infrastructure.

Eric delivers a crisp and level headed analysis of where the economy is at.  But what I like best is how Eric shows how technology and innovation can play a key role in reshaping the economy for a more lasting recovery.


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