This is the third in a three part series that are excerpts from my talk “Managing and Running a Startup”. They work along with the CEO Roadmap that I covered in an earlier blog.

The number one dilemma for a startup CEO is maintaining perspective – – taking a step back from the business and focusing on working ON the business instead of working IN the business.   While it’s impossible not to work IN the business – – in a startup the CEO is usually a key contributor to day-to-day operations – it is really crucial to disengage and view the company from a wider perspective.

4 Themes to Success for a Startup CEO

Here are four “themes” that serve as a checklist or guidepost to help you focus back on the larger issues.  They work together with the CEO Roadmap I covered in an earlier blog.  Here’s the list, but watch the video for details and discussion.

1. Focus on Valuation Performance

Never loose focus that this is the core mission.  Even if the company is bootstrapped, focusing on value increase leads to positive cash flow, faster critical mass, and bigger salaries.

2. Maintain  Congruent Goals and Objectives

Keep your goals and the board’s goals aligned.   Do the same with the company’s goals.

3. Use Your Key Asset – Persuasiveness

THE key asset of a startup CEO.   Constantly reinforce goals and performance.

4. Maintain Adequate Transparency

Balance your desire to demonstrate “everything is under control” with the power of involving your board in solving the challenges that you face.

Here is a 10 minute presentation:


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